I'm a designer playing somewhere at the intersection of architecture, interaction design, and creative development.

Guadalajara, MX Brooklyn, NY

Batbox July 2021 ALBUM COVER
Punching In
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(de)Generative Design
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Personal Fall 2019 ML ART
Artificial Photomicrography
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Ennead Architects 2019 DESIGN LEAD Dynamic Planning View Project
Sosolimited Summer 2017 PROTOTYPING + FABRICATION Color Space View Project
Personal Ongoing DEVELOPMENT
Form + Code
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Sosolimited Summer 2017 PROTOTYPING + FABRICATION Tidal Light View Project
Academic 2017 - 2018 UNDERGRADUATE THESIS Mexico 44 View Project
Academic Spring 2017 DESIGN RESEARCH
Affordable Housing Report
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Personal February 2017 HACKATHON
Facial Projection Mapping
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Hey! I’m a designer and builder of interactions based in Brooklyn, New York. I currently work at Datadog as Product Designer where I build tools for data-driven investigations, documentation, and story telling. Formerly at the School for Poetic Computation, Ennead Architects, Sosolimited, and Carnegie Mellon University.

My personal practice is interested in exploring the role of design and technology in the pursuit of decolonizing collective memory and identity in contemporary Latinx culture. Specifically focusing on living Maya cosmologies and ontologies as a way to question our institutionalized values and conceptualizing alternatives.